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Free Kids Video

Pilgrim's Progress (Adapted from YouTube)
Pilgrim's Progress Book

Free Literature

Short amplified sample from the book pictured on right.

Long PDF sample from the book pictured to the right.

For Children and ESL Students, Orion’s Gate, Ltd.
The Pilgrim’s Progress in Words of One Syllable
By Mary Godolphin

The Original “Pilgrim’s Progress” complete with Scripture References (external site)

For a timeline of the life of John Bunyan (external site)

For more about John Bunyan, written by
MAY, 1861

Free Articles on drama by Jim Pappas

To obtain any of the articles below click on the title

l. Philosophy of Christian Drama - Some thoughts on the morality and motivations of Christian drama.
2. Production Schedule - More than you'll ever want and all that you'll ever need to keep larger plays on schedule. Time frames for director, actors, public relations, costumes, etc. etc.
3. Reader's Theater Techniques - A brief description of this simple, time saving and cost effective method of presentation.
4. How To Finance Your Drama Ministry - A brief look into the hows and whys of raising funds for your drama ministry

Free Bible Study CD with any purchase


An Epic Bible Study Adventure from Amazing Facts. Includes free QuickVerse Bible search Software valued at over $100.00. This CD takes you into an ever expanding universe of Bible Study resources. As you progress through each level of Bible knowledge new horizons of study possibilities will open wide before you! Answer questions that have puzzled you for years! Free with any purchase or send $2.00 for S and H to:
12735 Allison Ranch Road Grass Valley, California 95949

“The Bells of Christmas.”

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"The Bells of Christmas" is a Jim Pappas rewrite of an old Italian legend. It is said that if ever a brave and noble deed is done in our little mountain village the great silver bells up in the cathedral will ring when the doer of the deed kneels to pray. All of the great poets, artists, politicians, officers and commoners of the village have done their best to earn the favor of heaven and are on their way up the snowy road to the cathedral. Two little boys are hurrying up the hill so they can hear the silver bells that they believe are sure to ring. They hear a groan down the bank and their simple lives suddenly become much more complex. Appropriate for any time of the year. Email Jim for access codes to the audio MP3. Also available soon will be downloads of the script, musical backgrounds and sound effects so you can produce your very own heart-warming and professional sounding play.