Helping New Believers and Pre-believers Grow


One of the most Christ like characteristics one can have is being able to bring others to Christ and knowing God.  Becoming a follower of Christ can be a long and challenging path, which is why God has sent others to help one another.  It is a wonderful and everlasting feeling when one has committed their self to God and accepts that Jesus is their savior, but your path isn’t complete at that moment.  Not only must we continually work on our relationship with God and Christ, but we must also bring those we know to know Him as well.

Openly discussing God, Jesus, and the Bible is not always an easy task even for firm believers.  It takes courage, patience, and preparedness for rejection.  So how can an average Joe Christian bring up the subject of an everlasting life through Christ with his buddies at the gym?  Or at coffee with the girls?  After praying about it, there are a few steps that can help you along the way.

First, you must always lead by example.  Although not one of us is perfect, there still are great ways to represent ourselves and our love for Christ.  How often do you see someone open the door for a stranger and you suddenly want to help your neighbor carry their thousands of groceries up three flights of stairs?  It’s the simple theory of monkey see, monkey do.  When those around you see that you are practicing what you are preaching then they will not only be pleased but will also have more of an interest to this Christian lifestyle.

Another way to help the new and pre-believers is by sharing literature.  Many times people are intimidated to begin with the Bible or may want additional literature related to Christianity.  Being able to extend books, articles, memoirs, and more are excellent ways to not only give insight, but to later be able to discuss them together.  As mentioned earlier, the path to finding Christ can be challenging.  Don’t obstacles seem easier when you know others have gone through it?  The story of the Pilgrim’s Progress is a clear example of this struggle and would be an excellent resource for a new or pre-believer.

It will also help the new or pre-believer to gain a sense of community, that they are not alone in this quest.  Bring the new or pre-believer to your home church, Bible study, or ministry you are involved with.  Often churches will be having get-togethers, question and answer seminars, or a Christian production of a Bible story.  These are wonderful ways to research together and to reach out and connect with other Christians.

While introducing someone new to Christ, be sure to maintain your patience and be prepared to bring resources to the table.  Be sure to take into consideration how your new believer enjoys learning.  It is essential to be able to present the information and lessons in a way they will be able to flourish and grow.  Orion’s Gate makes this accessible by providing audio dramatizations, books, video productions, and more.