Pilgrim’s Progress: A Spiritual Classic for the Entire Family

The Pilgrim’s Progress, a Christian allegory, was written by John Bunyan and first published in February 1678. Then in 1684, Christiana, the second part of The Pilgrim’s Progress was published. To this day, it is considered one of the most significant religious English literature pieces ever written. It has gone through numerous editions, been translated into over 100 languages around the world, and has changed the lives of nearly all who have read it. Some say that The Pilgrim’s Progress is immortal. And now with the addition of The New Amplified Pilgrim’s Progress, written in modern English, the story is more accessible than ever before.

Strictly faithful to original storyline, the new amplified version provides a powerful way for parents and children of all ages to connect with this timeless masterpiece. The new amplified Pilgrim’s Progress is dramatized, abridged and contains more adventure and dialogue. Packed with practical spiritual insights and true-to-life situations and solutions, The Pilgrim’s Progress provides an opportunity for parents to develop a spiritual dialog and share the Christian faith with their children.

Possible Points of Discussion:

· What knowledge does Christian gain through his travels?
· The value of community
· The negative and/or positive aspects of sensual pleasure
· The test of spiritual faith and commitment

Through Orion’s Gate, your family can purchase The Pilgrim’s Progress in a number of forms. The new amplified version of the book is available in a hard cover for Part I and a soft cover for Part II. If you prefer to listen to the story, we offer Parts I and II on CD or as a digital download (Pilgrim’s Progress MP3). An audio book of Pilgrim’s Progress is great for road trip entertainment, listening at home or for the commute.

The most interactive way to experience the story of The Pilgrim’s Progress is with our new coloring book, the most complete Pilgrim's Progress Coloring Book in the world! Cued to match scenes from the Dramatized Pilgrim's Progress CDs and MP3s, each coloring page comes with a disc and track number to let your children hear the actual scene they are coloring. This beautiful coloring book is available both in print and as a digital download. For a chance to win The Pilgrim’s Progress Coloring book, visit www.facebook.com/orionsgate to enter the Facebook giveaway. Please see the Orion’s Gate Facebook fan page for sweepstakes rules and details.

If you’re looking for Christian dramatic scripts, you’ll find a variety at Orion’s Gate. Under Serious, Long Scripts, you’ll find “Christiana” a stage production adapted by a young homeschooler, Sarah Elder. Dramatic scripts are available for immediate download; all we ask is that you provide a small donation for use of the script. Putting on a Christian play can be a great project for your home school group, youth ministry or even among your family members. It’s opportunity to connect to religious stories in an interactive, powerful way.

Regardless of how you choose to share the story of The Pilgrim’s Progress with your family, the important part is that the message gets through. This allegory has been inspiring people for hundreds of years and is truly a staple for any Christian home.