READ IT AGAIN DADDY! Why would a man, fully engaged in a very successful collegiate drama ministry, suddenly decide to embark upon the adaptation and production of one of the most beloved books of all time? Read the captivating story behind the production of the Pilgrim's Progress audio books and printed books. "Out of the mouth of babes."

What is Orion's Gate? Orion's Gate is the ministry name for Jim Pappas and team; a small audio/video/printed-word production team specializing in the creation of character-building audio dramatizations, videos, books and plays. To learn more about Jim CLICK HERE.

What does the name Orion's Gate mean? The name Orion's Gate comes from the nature of the Orion constellation itself. In its midst is a vast corridor over a thousand light years wide which leads into the heart of Orion. At its end there are dense clouds billion of miles across that hide an incredible source of brilliant light of unknown origin. It is believed by some that hidden behind the vast cloud formations of Orion lies heaven itself. If so, then anyone that teaches people how to prepare themselves to live in heaven becomes a gateway to eternity. Since this is our goal we have named ourselves "Orion's Gate" and our chief desire is to be "a doorway to forever."

So, what does Orion look like? CLICK HERE to see for yourself. This is one of the close up shots brought to us by the Hubbell space telescope. Be sure to look for the incredible brightness behind the clouds. You may be traveling there one day soon.

What is
The Pilgrim's Progress?
The Pilgrim's Progress, often just called Pilgrim's Progress, is an allegory written by John Bunyan in the mid-17th century while he was serving a 12 year jail sentence for preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ without first getting permission from the king of England. To learn more about Pilgrim's Progress CLICK HERE.

Who was John Bunyan? John Bunyan was a tinker (blacksmith or sheet metal worker in today's terms) who lived in a small town in England named Elstow. The nearest large town was called Bedford. John became a follower of Jesus Christ as a young man and his talent for preaching and teaching soon made him a very popular minister. This did not set well with other ministers who were losing members to John's preaching and, through their influence, he soon found himself in jail for teaching people about Jesus. His story is a fascinating one. You can learn more by CLICKING HERE.